Good Harvest Progress

We had a decent week of harvest progress – currently sitting at 32% complete. Weather was good, and with warmer nights and windy mornings we could go later and start earlier. It is a good thing we took advantage of the nice weather – we got rained out on Sunday, and today has been misting all day. It hasn’t really amounted to much – between 5-8mm, but has been a steady drizzle. 

All our barley is off, which is the biggest risk factor for downgrading. Malt quality is critical, as feed values are typically 25% less. We also harvested about 15% of our hard red spring wheat – with yields that are slightly below average, but protein levels that are higher than average.

Swathing is progressing well – we have about 40% of the canola left to swath, half the wheat, and all the oats. 

As dry of a year as we have had, it is promising to see yields that are where they are. It will still be 80-90% of normal yields, but that is higher than what we expected. Hope to see the remainder of the harvest have similar, if not better results…time will tell!

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