Good Progress this Week

Even though it hasn’t been great weather this past week we were able to make decent progress. We finished our wheat and today got into the oats. We have about 70% of our oats left to go and we are pushing hard to get it in the bin before….you guessed it…the next weather system moves through.

This next weather system could stall us for a while. They are calling for cold temperatures and chances of snow. Doesn’t sound like high amounts of precipitation, but with daytime highs forecast mid single digits, it won’t dry at all.

The oats we are on now are actually dry, but the straw is tough. We decided not to preharvest with glyphosate, as some locations are starting to not take desiccated oats. This is very unfortunate- it delays the maturation time and puts us at higher risk of losing crop quality and incurring higher costs through more fuel used and possibly drying costs if they get a rain on them.

Overall we have been happy with our cereal yields to date, especially given the historically dry May and early June weather. Quality has been ok so far – some of our malt was accepted as malt quality, we are waiting to hear on the balance shortly. The wheat yields were decent but protein has been low. Oat yields have also been decent although there is higher levels of mildew, but they will still make milling grade.

Field work has been picking up as well, as swathing has been getting finished up we can allocate people to harrowing and vertical tillage. Once the weather cools it will be difficult to get much more harrowing done so we are pushing on that front as well.

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