Malt Barley is Done!

We managed to finish the malt barley over the weekend, and just in time, as they are calling for between 10-15mm of rain by Wednesday. We did have some rain this past week – two seperate storms that went through and dropped between 8-18mm total. Thankfully it dried quick enough and didn’t impact overall quality. We had some staining but the germination held and only minimal chit. When the seed undergoes the starting of germination process, the term the industry uses is “chit” – they run the seed through a machine and the bottom of the seed gets knocked off when it has begun germination. The allowable levels of “chit” are usually 1-2%, although if there is a shortage of good quality malt barley they have accepted as high as 20% chit (with a discounted price).

We have preharvested all our spring wheat, and by the middle of the week all the canola will be swathed as well. They are forecasting a major wind storm for Tuesday this week, so we are hoping it doesn’t blow our canola swaths around too bad. 

There will not be any harvesting for a few days as there is nothing else that is ready to go. Depending on moisture totals from the rain on Wednesday, we are hoping we can harvest some oats by the end of the week. Weather is forecast to be cool for the next week or two so that will slow maturation and drying.

There was a bad storm that went through about 20km south of our land last weekend. It did severe damage in a 80km line – 30-40% hail and wind gusts over 70km/hr. 

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