Merry Christmas!!

After a wild and crazy 2018, we take a look back and celebrate the success’ we had during the year. There are always things we can improve on, and we will constantly strive to improve. There are also things that we have no control over, and try to manage as best we can to mitigate the effects.

For 2018 we remeber the hot / dry conditions, and weeks with no rain. Having an excellent staff in place to get seeding done early allowed the crops to establish and root down which helped the plants cope with the stressful weather. 

We also remember the month of damp and cool weather during September. Having a great staff allowed us to have all the cereals harvested prior to the weather change, and were able to preserve a high quality sample.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!! Be Sure to follow us during the 2019 growing season!