Merry Christmas!

From everyone at Parkland Ventures we would like to extend our holiday wishes to everyone! It has definitely been a unique season with all the outside COVID pandemic issues – at long last we can put 2020 behind us!

We have been keeping busy with various tasks so far this winter. We had a busy grain hauling schedule and just completed the last contract today. We managed to get the majority of our seed cleaned earlier this month as well. Early in the new year we will have grain scheduled to move periodically, and will be starting to do some “winter” maintenance on equipment.

There are not many times of the season when you can “turn off” in our industry. The Christmas season is one that we have focused on and having been providing our team a period they can plan to be away for the whole 2 week period and spend time with their family and friends. 

From all of us at Parkland, all the best and stay tuned for a successful 2021 season!