Sad Day For Humboldt

As by now most have already heard of the tragic accident that occurred last Friday evening, April 6th, at 5pm. Our hometown hockey team, Humboldt Bronco’s, were on their way to Nipawin for game 5 of the SJHL semi-finals against the hawks. The bus they were travelling on collided with a semi, not that far from Nipawin. 

As the news started coming out that evening, we all knew it was not good. Nobody was prepared for just how bad it would get. Saturday morning we heard that out of 29 people on that bus, 14 had lost their lives. A few days later, another was taken off life support. Just yesterday, the Bronco’s trainer, who’s family resides not that far from our farm, has also passed on.

In a community the size of Humboldt, everyone has a connection to the tragedy. We can only imagine the pain the families are going through. The outpouring of support from all over the world has been welcome. I would encourage those who can to support the fundraising campaign that has been initiated on behalf of the families of the Humboldt Broncos at . Although this will not replace what is lost, it will go a long way in helping the families.

Here are some pictures of the vigil that took place last Sunday. It was great to see support from dignitaries such as our MP’s (Kelly Block, Randy Hobeck); Premier of Saskatchewan; our Prime Minister; and also celebrities such as Don Cherry and Ron McLean. The arena was at capacity, as well as 3 other locations that were setup to view remotely – almost 4,000 people in total.


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