Seeding is Underway!

We got the cereals drill going last Monday and canola drill late Tuesday. Still can’t believe that we are seeding already – three weeks ago there was still alot of snow on the ground and the melt had barely even started!

Conditions are optimal right now – usually when we start planting we are going into very wet ground, and it doesn’t leave the best seedbed – but have to start or it gets too late. This year we are seeing conditions that we normally do not see until the mid point or later in seeding. For now the seed is getting planted into moisture and the first planted is already germinated. There is no rain in the forecast and we are supposed to see warmer/windy days – so we are going to push to get as much planted early on so we can still get it into moisture without having to start seeding deeper. The longer range forecast is for dry weather, so hopefully that will change as we get into June.

Amazing how much easier everything else seems when it is not so wet – everything is going smoothly and we are having no problems keeping ahead of the drills with the sprayer and field prep equipment like rock picker and heavy harrow.

We have 27% of the crop planted – with 50% of the wheat and 2-row barley; 24% of the canola; and haven’t started the oats or 6-row barley as of yet.