Some Progress

Another week of cool temperatures and periodic rain, but we did manage to get some of our barley off. We harvested 54% of our 6-row barley and 33% of our 2-row Metcalf barley – all of which looks to still have decent quality. It is a balance between not getting too much swathed ahead of the combines, but with all the green and multiple staging, it has to be cut and sit in swath long enough to help dry down the green kernels. We were fortunate to finish all that had been swathed late last night – so far today we have received 12-15 mm of rain, which would have been enough to penetrate right through the swath if it still remained. All in right now harvest is right around 10% complete.

The new grain dryer is already paying dividends – the moisture ranged from 16% to 21.5% — the first 850 mt was all over 20%. The extra capacity plus ability to be more consistent with the outgoing moisture allows us to dry grain that is at higher moisture levels than what we would have done in previous years.

Forecast is finally starting to look more favorable for the next 5-6 days. Doesn’t look to be any precipitation and the sun is supposed to be out. Temperatures are still supposed to be cooler – high teens to low 20’s – but there is supposed to be some wind each day of 15-20 km/hr which will help dry the ground and straw.



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