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Rain and Hail Up North, Dry in South

Crops are progressing good. Cooler temperatures have been holding back growth but the moisture has been welcome.

We have sprayed our north cereals with growth regulator – where we have been getting more rain – thinking with the fertilizer residual carryover from last year we could run into a lodging issue.

Had a storm blow in last Thursday and hit some of our farthest north canola in the Daylsford area. Did a fair bit of damage – hopefully it regrows yet.

Spraying has been a work in progress. We went from being well ahead two weeks ago to just barely keeping up! Between the wind and rain it’s been some shorter days.

Over the weekend we had good rain – between 20-30mm across all the north land. We had between 12-20mm around our central land and nothing down south. Seems to be a well established weather pattern setting up – with rain more concentrated in a path up north that doesn’t quite reach down to our south land. Have 50-70mm more rain up north already than our south land.


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