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Field Work, Cleanup, and SNOW!

This last week we have been prioritizing all the fall work that is left to do – harrowing fields and running over our low areas that were unseeded with our Lemken. We also hauled away the rest of the wheat that was still in grain bags, and cleaned up the areas and took the bags to the landfill for recycling. All the combines and harvest equipment was cleaned, blown off and we did the fall service work. The sprayers were winterized and we did some other repair / service work in the shop. It is always nice to get the outside work done as much as possible while the weather is nice….because you never know when mother nature is going to end our season!

And the end of the season happened over the weekend. On Sunday we ended up with around 2-3″ of snow. We were forecast to get more than that, thankfully that is all we got. The heaviest snowfall amounts ended up about 2 hours south of us, where they had upwards of 18″ of snow, and all the highways were closed. The forecast now is calling for warmer temperatures by the end of the week, so we may be able to get a few more days of field work in yet….

We ordered another 4 big bins for next year, and the crew was out to start the cement work for two of the bins. They are planning on building two of the bins yet this fall, and doing the final two bins next spring. We have been too reliant on moving grain during harvest for space over the years, and with the discount that you get for harvest movement factored in, we decided its time to just build more bins. This will allow us to be more efficient at harvest, and move more grain after harvest – which usually has a premium built in.


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