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Field Work & Cleanup of Equipment

With harvest out of the way, we are busy working in the fields getting them harrowed, and using our rock hook to dig any large rocks out of the ground. We also are working on servicing up the harvest equipment, washing off, and doing any servicing like oil changes so we can put them away for the winter.

Weather has been seasonable – it is a lot nicer to be blowing off combines and pressure washing when it’s plus 20C in the middle of September than plus 5C in the middle of October. One of the benefits to having an early harvest…although we much more prefer having twice the crop and cleaning up equipment in October!

Besides that, planning continues for the 2022 crop. Getting our seed in place – canola seed ordered, planning our crop rotation, and what seed we are going to clean. Also ordering our fertilizer – normally we have all our fertilizer in-store already for the next season, but prices were high over the summer and we were waiting to see if they would go down. Which they didn’t. We bought our fertilizer a couple of weeks ago and prices are already 20-30% higher than what we paid. Seems like the same story as everything else over the last 12-18 months, short supply and increasing price.


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