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Fungicide Season Approaching

***sorry for the late post, forgot to hit “post” after I wrote the update***

We are probably a week to 10 days away from the heart of our fungicide season. This is also a week to 10 days later than normal – which is expected after a later start to seeding. We have also been having cool weather with especially cool overnight lows. We are routinely in the upper teens to low 20’s for daytime highs and some days we fall into the upper single digits for overnight lows.
All things considered we are sitting in a decent position with moisture and crop conditions. The north has continued to trend on the wet side while the south continues to miss all the rain. The plants are not showing any signs of stress on either side – too wet or too dry – but we can definitely see on our soil moisture probes that the south land is starting to run shorter on moisture and will need some rain soon.
We finished our in crop herbicide spraying last week, and got both sprayers switched from the floater tires (for more floatation, less compaction at preseed and in crop herbicide spraying) to the narrower tires (for fungicide and preharvest spraying). The narrower tires do less crop damage when the plants are bigger.
We were able to give everyone a long weekend off to enjoy Canada Day celebrations and to rest up for the next big push for fungicide season.


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