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Fungicide Season Complete

With fungicide season now all complete – we have a couple weeks until we ramp up scouting for insects. The biggest threats this year will be diamond back moths, Bertha armyworm, and lygus bugs – all in canola. We haven’t had an outbreak of worms for at least 6 years. Typically you need southern wind trajectories in early May which bring the moths in from the southern USA, and we didn’t have that this year, so hopefully they aren’t a problem.   There have been high levels of aphids in peas so far – if levels get severe enough we could have some wheat fields that need to be monitored.

Another week of hit and miss weather – we had a”5-10mm across the farm on average with higher levels more localized where we don’t have rain gauges. We did have some warmer days which has sped the crop maturity up – but we are still 10-14 days behind normal. Our earliest canola is starting to go out of bloom – which typically means about 6 more weeks until harvest.

This next week will be a slower week with some people on holidays. Next week we will start going through our combines and swathers and getting ready for harvest. We probably won’t do much , if any, harvesting until early September this year.



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