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Getting Close to Seeding!

Finally we have some good spring weather! This week we have been having temperatures in the low to mid 20’s – a big improvement from the single digits last week, and sub zero the week prior!
It’s still going to be a few days before we can get going in the field – fields are wet and there is still snow in the field borders and areas with trees – all that snow still has to melt and runs through the field.
We have the two newer air drills complete and ready to go – full preseason check over and testing. The third air drill – our older unit – still has an another day of work left to be done. All the auxiliary equipment – augers, seed treaters, harrows, rock pickers, sprayers – are also in field ready condition.
With the poor weather in April we took the opportunity to go through monitor training – and had Bourgault come out to spend half a day for more intensive training. It’s nice to have a refresher before we get into the heart of the season.
We are planning on a “soft start” approach over the weekend – before we go full speed.


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