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Good Week of Harvest Progress

The first week of no weather delays, and the weather was fantastic as well. We had daily highs in the low 30’s and finally some wind to go with it. Humidity levels in the daytime ranged from 25-40% which accelerated the drying.

We are now 16% complete. We harvested 240 acres of gluten free oats, and we have also finished our 2-row Synergy barley. The 6-row Legacy barley is half done. Overall we are 16% complete. The yields to date have been surprisingly good. The barley has been yielding good and the quality has also been good. We had some barley that was swathed when it rained last weekend, but we managed to get it harvested with only minor impacts to quality – it still made malt standards.

This heat has also accelerated our canola maturation – without it we would have needed until the 3rd week in September for it to be free of issues if we got a frost. Now we could be safe by middle to end of next week. The forecast is calling for a cold snap at the end of this week – hopefully it stays above the 0C threshold.



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