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Good Week of Harvest Weather

This past week was great weather from start to end. Hot weather and windy most days allowed us to run later in the night and an earlier start to the day.
To date we are about to 1/3 of the way done harvest. All the barley is complete, we have 25% of the wheat done, and 35% of our oats. We have approximately half gluten free and half regular oats – and we are just over half done the gluten free. Quality standards on the gluten free are strict – and so far it appears like we have met the standards. We also did about 300 acres of canola – it was in our driest area, and the yield was average to slightly above average.
We also began to do fall fieldwork. With the excess straw this year harrowing is a must. We are following the heavy harrow with our Salford in cereals only. The Salford is a minimum disturbance vertical tillage unit which helps to chop up the straw and incorporate into the ground. This starts the mineralization process – and in prior years has provided a much better seedbed to plant canola into.

We also had the pleasure of hosting a tour group from Europe. We have hosted this same tour group company for a number of years during harvest, although the last two years were unavailable due to covid travel restrictions. Always enjoy hosting a group and show how we operate in our region.

This  next week looks promising for the start of the week, and appears like a change in weather is coming for the end of the week. We will get as much done as we can before that happens!


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