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Harvest Stands at 75% Completed

To say this harvest has been a “grind” would be an understatement. As the calendar turns to October, the days are getting shorter and the daily harvest window also gets shorter. The old saying of 1 day in August equals 2 days in September equals 3 days in October is true. We managed to find a 6th combine and header, which is helping to get more acres done. We are getting between 500-600 acres a day done now that we are into some bigger fields. We are only able to run 2.5mph at the most otherwise the losses get too high. The good news is that the yields have continued to be good.

This next week we plan to finish the last 350 acres of oats. We planned to do that last week but the plant was still too green. Even though the seed itself was close to dry, so much green material made it impossible to straight cut. We swathed the oats mid-week and hoping tomorrow to pick them up.

Field work continues at a brisk pace, with most of the cereal fields now harrowed, and the Salford is not too far behind. We have some post-harvest spraying to do yet, and then will be getting some sulfur fines spread on the fields that will be canola next year.


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