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One Third Complete

August 16th and we are already 1/3 of the way through harvest!

The last few days the grain has been dry enough that we haven’t had to run through the dryer. All the oats are now done, and about 70% of the barley. We also swathed about 1000 acres of canola – we have another 800 acres of canola we will be swathing (non pod shatter variety) and the rest we plan to straight cut.

We actually had a brief rain delay last week – between 8-14mm of rain fell midweek. We had some more mild temperatures last week as well until the weekend which went into the mid-thirties once again.

This next week is transitioning into a different weather cycle – or so it seems. Wednesday could see some extremely strong wind gusts. We are on the edge of a system that is forecasting wind of 60-80km/hr. Supposed to be strongest in the SE corner of Saskatchewan, and we ‘should’ escape the highest wind.

Some weather forecasts are showing some higher potentials for rain in the 5-10 day forecast….we will have to wait to see if any of that actually materializes.


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