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Pre-Season Repairs

The weather has been warmer out and we have been able to get both air drills folded out and starting to work on them. We upgraded one of our Bourgault air drills over the winter – from a 76 foot 3320 with a 700-bushel cart to a 86 foot 3320 with a 1300 bushel cart. Our “new” unit isn’t new, so we are going right through the unit front to back. Changing all the midrow bander discs, bearings, scrapers, and tines. Also changing all the openers. We do a fairly thorough maintenance list when we buy a used unit, you never really know what the other operator’s maintenance history was. The only way to ensure a trouble-free season is to do as much preventative maintenance as possible.

Our other drill is also an 86′ Bourgault 3320 with a 950-bushel cart. We went through it last summer so there won’t be too much maintenance to do to it this spring.

The weather looks to be changing again, getting colder over the balance of the week and through the weekend, with the possibility of snow flurries again. By mid next week it should warm back up and we are targeting the end of next week to start doing field work. We have never seeded in April before, but with the dry soil conditions, we might start on the early side to try and get the seed into moisture before it dries out even more.


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