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Received Some Moisture

We had between 8-10 cm of snow 36 hours after we finished seeding. Not necessarily the type of precipitation we were looking for, but with it as dry as it is, we will take anything we can get! This likely translated into 10-12mm of actual moisture once melted.

Then on Sunday, we had some follow-up moisture which is still continuing as drizzle as I write this – between 37-40mm in this rain event. This was a more generalized rain event that covered the majority of the central and northern Canadian Prairie region – a 2-3 day rain event that we haven’t experienced in a long time.

Total for the week is 44-50mm of moisture, which will go a long way to helping recharge our soil moisture levels. We had two of our moisture probes installed (3rd one will be installed later this week) and you can see the moisture hit right through to the 100cm level on the first probe (south land) and the 50cm level on our second probe (more central areas).

We also had some cold weather – overnight lows dipped to -3C last Thursday. That is a huge swing in weather, as the beginning of last week we had temperatures in the low 30C with strong winds! Thankfully we did not have any frost damage on our emerging canola from the freezing temperatures. Tonight is the night to be concerned about — forecast to get to minus 5C. If the clouds can stick around it may help keep us warmer, but if it clears out overnight it could get cold and cause some issues…


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