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Seeding at 50%!

A month ago we were thinking we would be lucky to be started by the middle of May. Here we are, just over a week into seeding, and we have now passed the half way mark! Everything is dialed in and everyone has their routines set – we have been making excellent time. A few minor issues, but nothing that has lead to any prolonged downtime.

Weather has been fantastic for seeding. Warm temperatures and no rain delays. We are seeding into decent moisture so far – although a rain delay with 20-30mm would be much welcome. We have dropped our seeding depth slightly just to make sure we keep seeding into moisture. Doesn’t look like much for precipitation in the next 10-14 day outlook. As long as the seeds germinate and get established, there is enough soil moisture reserve available to keep the plants going until early June. Once the plants get larger and starting using more water on a daily basis, then it will be come more critical that we get timely rain.


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