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Seeding Has Started!

We started seeding late last week – more of a soft start just to make sure everything is functioning properly and to make sure everyone is fully trained and comfortable operating all the different equipment. Two drills are currently running and we will get the third one going tomorrow. Still a little on the wet side – so we aren’t pushing the hours too much yet.

The weather continues to be warm and sunny with no real rain possible in the next two weeks. This should allow for good progress – conditions right now are excellent. However – one can’t help keep thinking further down the road though – will need to get some rain later on this month otherwise we could be back in a drought situation…..

Can’t say enough about the team we have together for this year. A few new faces and quite a few returnees. We have been fortunate to have an excellent team every year for as long as I can remember – and this year is looking to be a great team once again.


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