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Seeding is Complete!

Another successful seeding season is now complete! We finished up yesterday afternoon (June 3rd)

This one was not as easy as the last couple of years, to say the least. One of our latest starts to seeding – May 12th, and had a rain delay shortly after. Then another weather delay, this time the rain came with 3-4” of wet, slushy snow. And finally another rain delay last weekend of between 12-32mm.

Although it forced us to finish the last few acres into the month of June – which is never desirable – having the moisture is welcome, especially after last years severe drought.

Big thanks to another great crew – who really stepped in and pushed hard when the weather allowed us to go. It’s always a pleasure when you have the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and motivated group of people.

Pam Bell Possberg Christo van Tonder, Kerneels Lombard, Mike Hamilton, Greg Puetz, Riley Shearer, Jack Morgan, Stefanie Schniedermeier (Christoph), Jamie Zaluski, Sam Hamilton, Jim Sarauer Spencer Possberg and “the godfather” himself Mark Silzer

Honorable mentions to Wilbert Wassermann “Chubby” and Alvin Puetz who although were not out this spring they will always be part of our team.

Also can’t forget about our Ukrainian Alexandr Bulah who we hope he and his family remain safe until the situation gets better in Ukraine. There’s a spot waiting for him at our farm when he gets out.


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