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Seeding is Finished!!

For the week of May 20th – May 27th

Seeding is Complete!!

We had one of our earliest starts in recent memory, only to be shut down a few days later by rain / snow, and that trend continued a few more times – not a late end to seeding but with June approaching it is nice to have it all done!
The recent moisture has raised the topsoil moisture levels and germination and establishment has been good. Farther north we have had more rain and subsoil moisture levels are noticeably higher on our soil moisture probes through our weather stations.

Can’t say enough about another outstanding team – everyone pulls together and fills any voids – was one of the easier going seeding seasons.

Now we take a day off and then get back at it – clean up the drills and get ready for spraying season which will likely start by the end of next week!

The amazing team:

Unit 1
Ken Brinkman
Hannes Weiss

Unit 2
Greg Puetz
Jamie Zaluski

Unit 3
Bjoern Lessmann

Kerneels Lombard

Mike Hamilton
Christo van Tonder
Spencer Possberg

Support / Harrowing / Rock Picking
Joe Schweighardt
Sam Hamilton

Logistics / Direction
Mark Silzer

Pam Bell Possberg

And somewhere between the lines myself – Kenton

Special mention to the hall of fame inductees Wilbert Wassermann and Alvin Puetz


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