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Significant Moisture Event

We finally had a major thunderstorm move through the whole farm last week. It dropped between 30-90mm across our land base. This is a major positive event for us as it has had a good recharge of our soil moisture. In fact, two of the three weather stations show a full recharge of the soil probe which goes to 3 feet depth.

Not very often do you welcome all these moisture events during harvest but this year we will take everything we can get. It is amazing how even with upwards of 150mm over the past 14-20 days on our north land there is still no water pooling up in low spots.

We had a good week of progress considering the days we were down due to weather. In fact, we were able to start harvesting canola only 36 hours after 80mm of rain fell in the canola field we were harvesting to the rain. If anything, straight combining experience this year has proven that it is worth the significant extra investment necessary for straight-cut headers.

We are down to the last 35% of the crop left – all canola. This week looks to be decent weather so we hope to get as much knocked off as possible. This year has shown you never know what is next for the weather!


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