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Snow Storm!

We had our first snowstorm for the season over the weekend, and another is forecast again for tonight. They were calling for 15-20cm on the weekend and we had closer to 25cm – but with the strong winds of 60-70km/hr it blew alot of the snow into road ditches and treelines. Tonight they are calling for another 10-15cm of snow, but the wind is not supposed to be as strong, so hopefully it will stay in the fields.

We have been keeping busy – a few more grain contracts have been called for and we have had 4 trucks on the road hauling grain. The balance of the fertilizer has also started coming – it was all supposed to be in place as of now but they have been having logistics issues getting product in place. We have also kept busy doing final servicing of our tractors and vehicles – putting some away in our big shed up north and some has gone to the dealer for “winter fix” program where they go through a checklist and make sure everything is up to standards.


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