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Some Rain. Some Wind. More Heat

The last week was exceptionally hot, followed by a cool spell that brought between 10-15mm of much-welcome precipitation. Not that we were getting dry, but with the drier weather pattern we have been in, we don’t want to run short later this month into July when the crop starts to use more moisture on a daily basis. This next week has started out exceptionally hot once again with daytime highs in the low to mid 30C.

Spraying has been a patchwork project – with the daily winds we have been having and the heat, we have been spraying whenever the weather allows. The first pass herbicide is complete in canola, about 15% of the 2nd pass has been done as well. We have roughly 75% of the cereals all sprayed – this last 25% has been a struggle. One good day we could easily finish the cereals, just need that one good day of weather!

The forecast is calling for temperatures to cool down later this week and a chance of showers over the weekend. Longer range is still uncertain – there is a high-pressure ridge that is forecast to form somewhere in North America later this month. If it forms farther to the east (into Iowa, Illinois) then we could see average to above-average moisture. If it forms farther to the west (Dakota’s into Montana and Iowa) then we could be in for a prolonged period of dry, hot weather…only time will tell…



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