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Spraying Almost Complete. Frost!

It was another windy week – with limited days that we could spray. We started early every morning and got a few tanks sprayed out before the wind would pick back up again. At least with two sprayers, we can stay from falling too far behind. All the cereals are now complete, just the 2nd pass is left on 75% of our canola.

Last night we actually had a touch of frost! It got down to -0.7C in one location, the remaining areas appeared to have stayed slightly above freezing. We don’t think it got cold enough to do any damage – it only dropped below 0C for under an hour – but it just further shows how extreme the weather has been so far this year.

The next week looks to be warming up once again, with daytime highs approaching 30C, before cooling down again by the end of the week. The long-range forecast still doesn’t show much potential for any rainfall. As the crop progresses, the daily water requirement is also increasing. So far we still have good potential, but will definitely need some moisture soon or the crop will start to go backward. We were fortunate to get between 6-10mm of rain last Friday, which fell up north on about 50-60% of our fields.


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