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Spraying, Wind, Showers

It’s officially spray season – time to watch the radar and the wind meter…

We were fortunate to get some showers through the week – a few mm here and there – and then yesterday some heavy showers moved in and we got between 15mm and 24mm around the shop and up north but only managed to get 2-4mm on our very south land. Still all in all we are sitting in a good soil moisture situation and forecast keeps hinting at possible showers through the next week – not large amounts but with these thundershowers if you get under a bigger system it can add up.
Spraying continues, we have been able to keep up thus far as we can get quite a few acres done with our two units when the conditions are good. We are about half done so far – have half the canola to do and the later seeded legacy barley and oats yet to go.

We are considering using a growth regulator in our Synergy barley and wheat fields up north where there was more rain and higher subsoil levels. Concern is that with the possibility of higher residual fertility from last year that we may have more lodging if we get heavier thunderstorms through July and August. These products have recently been approved for use – last year there was significant  yield reductions for those who used, but last year was a major drought so we hope we wouldn’t see those conditions return anytime soon, and don’t want to use that as a measuring stick.



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