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Technology – John Deere Operations Center

Here’s a mid week update – quick blip on some of the technology we are using on the farm.

Of all the technological advancements there have been in agriculture – John Deere Operations Center is right near the top.

We have a “tracker” (MTG) installed in all our equipment regardless of the color. This year we added our semis.
Days like today it really makes things easier to manage – can see real time what has been done, where everyone is at, and things like fuel/DEF levels. Today we have 3 combines and a cart straight cutting oats, with three semis. Two combines and a cart picking up barley swaths with two semis. Two swathers cutting barley that was lodged. One harrow going on what we combined last week.

Some equipment like the combines you can see yield to date, moisture levels, even the current machine settings.
You can screen share – and with your phone, connect to the monitor in any of the machines to see what they are seeing. Combines can see each other on screen in field and cart operators can see each combine hopper level real time.

All our employees are connected with the app on their phone and use quite a bit. Cart operators can see where semis are. Combine / seeder / sprayer operators can view fields before they arrive.

When it all works it’s a great tool!


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