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Winter not Finished Yet!

Old man winter has decided he wasn’t finished with us yet! Started to snow late in the day yesterday with majority forecast to fall through the day today. Thankfully we are on the northern edge of this system – we are forecast to get between 10-20cm but areas farther south and east could have total snow accumulations of 40cm or more!

This last week the weather has warmed up and majority of the snow has melted. Still have a fair bit of snow in the bush lines which will take a while to disappear. The annual water run began late last week and although there is still a lot of water in the fields it was starting to disappear.

This will set us back, but on the bright side it puts a little more moisture in the fields. One thing we do know – there are never two years the same in Saskatchewan!

* Source credit Drew Learner of World Weather for the wearer forecast commentary and map with expected precipitation amounts for areas in Saskatchewan.


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