Spring is Near!

Well after a long winter, spring is just around the corner! 

Or is it? 

After a string of cold spells since Christmas, March turned warmer and we have had above normal temperatures since. Most of the snow melted and soil was firm enough to drive across with a vehicle. This was the earliest we have been snow free in over a decade.

Then, this past weekend, we had a weather system move through and dropped between 5-10cm of snow, along with rain. This moisture, even though not significant, was welcome. Hopefully we will see some additional moisture in the next few weeks prior to seeding. This winter trended dry after Christmas and we have been in a drier weather cycle this past 2-3 years. 

Last week we started working on some equipment outside and getting ready for seeding. This week with the colder weather and snow, we will be working in the shop, servicing tractors and some smaller pieces of equipment.

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